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07/11/2019 11:47 am  

Hi Guys, in this section you'll find my daily training programme where I'll be outlining what I do day by day, week by week and hopefully this will pad ad over time to show my entire log book for as long as I keep this active for! 

Hopefully someone out there may find this interesting, but yeah, here goes nothing.....

Just an overview of my split, it looks a little something like this;

Monday - Push
Tuesday - Pull
Wednesday - Legs
Thu - Push
Friday - Full Body Pull

Today is Thursday so I've hit a Push session where my workout looked a little something like;

  1. Incline banded smith press - 130x7 - 110x11
  2. Chest Press - 140x9 - 120x12
  3. Pec Dec - 50x9 - 40x11
  4. DB Lateral Raise - 18x12x2
  5. Seated Row Lateral - 15x11x2
  6. Close Grip Bench - 110x5 - 90x8
  7. Dual Handle Tricep Extension - 25x12 - 20x15
  8. Rope Tricep Extension - 15x16

Total of 15 working sets, I was in the gym for maybe an hour or so but a really good session all in with progression on every single set of every exercise either load or reps or both!

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08/11/2019 7:40 pm  

Hi Guys, 

So today I hit a full body pull workout which went as follows;

  1. Single leg ham curl - 27.5x8 - 20x12
  2. Seated Row Lat Activation - 2 sets - 6 reps
  3. Deadlift - 230x3
  4. Seated row unilateral - 70x12
  5. Overhand lat pulldown - 3.5 plates x8
  6. DC rows - 40x10-8
  7. DB Spider Curls - 18x8-7
  8. Cable Curl - 15x12x2

Really good session, pleased with how my pulls are coming along, had a lovely lat pump and size is definitely responding through both width and thickness to this style of training for sure.

That's my last session done for this week, I'm taking the weekend off (as is my norm), back Monday for the first push rotation and heavy flat bench. 

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11/11/2019 12:40 pm  

Hi Guys, 

Had a really great push session this morning where I felt very strong and rested so loads were up, reps up and progressing nicely!

Here's the session;

  1. Barbell Flat Bench - 130x3 - 110x8 (top set up 5kg on last week, really strong off the chest)
  2. Fly Machine - 45x12 - 35x15
  3. Cable Lateral Raise - 17.5x8 - 12.5x13
  4. Shoulder Press - 3.5 plates x 7 - 2.5 plates x 14
  5. DB Lateral Raise - 20x8x2
  6. D Handle Tricep Extension - 30x10 - 25x14
  7. Single Handle Tricep Pushdown - Underhand - 7.5x10x2

I finished off with seated calf raises and standing calf raises as I try to hit calves on every other training day (weak point)

Weight has rebounded nicely by 1.1kg over the weekend up to an even 94kg where on Friday I was down to 92.9kg. That's normal for me as although I'm eating 4700 cals on training days, I generally lose 0.1-0.2kg per training day in the week as my output is so high whilst training, then on the weekend cals drop a little unless I eat out etc and I rebound up in weight by over a kg so still get linear progression over time. 

Really great session and start to the training week, slight bug bear is a little pain in the rotator cuff but nothing major and easy to cope with. 

Looking forward to the rest of the training week, hopefully every session will be as good as this one was. 

Have a good one guys! 


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12/11/2019 1:29 pm  

So today I hit the first pull session of the week. This is a higher volume more hypertrophy focused session where I look to attack the back from multiple angles in higher rep ranges with more sets. 

Weight is up today another 0.2kg which is promising and hopefully we can continue packing on tissue. 

Session as follows;

  1. Lat activation - 2 sets - (here's what I do for it s )
  2. D handle lat pulldown - 3.5pps x 8 - 3pps x 12
  3. Overhand seated row unilateral - 3.25pps x 6 - 2.75pps x 12
  4. Rear delt fly - 16x10x2 superset with banded rear delt flyes
  5. T bar row - 60x12
  6. Rope pullover - 17.5x12x2
  7. DC Lat Stretch - 40 seconds
  8. Incline DB curl - 20x8 - 16x12
  9. Cable Curl D Handles - 17.5x12x2

All in all a really good session, pushed reps up on everything and loads up on seated row, t bar row, pullovers and d handle curls with rep retention week to week at higher loads. 

Starting to get thicker through the back which is the goal now as the width is there. I hit a full body pull session later on in the week which is lower volume but higher loads and spread them out. No spinal loading in this session as I do legs tomorrow and my spinal recovery is so so poor so I space them out massively. 

That's me done until tomorrow where I have the most gruelling session of the week. Legs. So I'm intent on spending the rest of today resting and eating in preparation for killing myself under very heavy loads tomorrow. 

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13/11/2019 5:56 pm  

Today's session honestly wasn't the best. I've had some really quite awful lower back pain overnight and into this morning which I hoped would subside but during spinal loading exercises just fully took over. 

As a result I reduced spinal loading volume but increased load at lower rep ranges to touch new weight and compensate. 

Also, nutrient timing was shit, we had an engineer doing some work at our house, then were running late so my PWO meal and training were too far apart, left me very hungry and fatigued before I even started training which isn't ideal. I'm still running a meal behind so going to have to load up twice this evening before bed and probably eat quite late/get some junk in to fill calorie requirements up. I'm also 0.5kg down today and had a broken nights sleep, all in all, not great, but this is reality and it's not always rosey! 

Anyways, the session looked as follows;

  1. Seated Hamstring Curl - 55x19
  2. Adductors - 70x25
  3. Abductors - 70x29
  4. Squats - 185x3
  5. Banded Leg Press - 5.5 PPS x 27
  6. Heel Elevated Smith Squat - 3.25 PPS x 4
  7. Leg Extension - 62.5 x 16
  8. DC Quad Stretch
  9. Standing Ham Curl - 10x10
  10. DC Hamstring Stretch

Still a very intense session, just frustrating that spinal loading caused everything else to suffer. Honestly, I keep squats in because I like to squat and squat heavy, but it's really not the most efficient/effective movement for me for quad development so I should totally swap it out. My preference and what I programme for clients is a hack squat, but my gym at the moment doesn't have one, so we work around with smith heel elevated work and high rep leg presses in a rest pause set which is totally brutal. 

Tomorrow is another day and all that, going to do some mobility work and pop some painkillers tonight to try and reduce inflammation, then tomorrows push session has no spinal loading so that should give me an adequate chance to recover. 

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14/11/2019 12:54 pm  

Had quite an awesome session today, I went in feeling great, knew my weight was good because I looked fuller in the mirror and had a lot of energy so thought right today's the day to touch some new weights. 

I went heavier on basically everything, slight pain in left rotator cuff but that's normal and hit some more DC stretches under load at the end of each muscle group.

Here's the session;

  1. Incline Smith Press - 3 PPS x 5 - 2.5 PPS x 10
  2. Chest Press - 3.75 PPS x 7 - 3.25 PPS x 11
  3. Pec Dec - 55x10 - 40x13
  4. DC Chest Stretch
  5. DB Lateral Raise - 22x6 - 18x12
  6. Seated Row Lateral - 15x12x2
  7. DC Shoulder Stretch
  8. Close Grip Bench - 110x6 - 90x9
  9. Dual Handle Tricep Extension - 30x9 - 25x13
  10. Rope Tricep Extension - 20x12
  11. DC Tricep Stretch

Then finished off with some standing calf raises just to add some more calf volume in, 4 sets for a pyramid up to 2PPS on the smith. 

Really enjoyed that, it was just one of those sessions where I felt great and everything clicked. Tomorrow's session is a real hard graft, but my favourite one of the week as it's deadlift day and I'm shooting for another PB. 

Weight was up by 0.7kg on wake this morning, bringing me to 94.4kg, my highest ever weight is 94.7kg so I'll likely go past that in the next week or so finally, then the road to 100 begins. 

Now to rest up, recover, and GROW

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15/11/2019 4:56 pm  

Last session of the week today and my god was it a hard one! Not a lot of volume but super heavy loads (for me at least) and touched some new weights that I've never hit before. 

Session was as follows;

  1. Single leg hamstring curl - 30x6 - 22.5x12 - back off was too easy here so need to go up
  2. Deadlift - 230x3 failed on 4th rep - 180 RP - 10 reps
  3. Single Arm Row - 4pps x 8
  4. Overhand lat pulldown - 3.5pps x 9
  5. DC Rows - 40x 12-10
  6. DC Back Stretch
  7. DB Spider Curl - 18x 10-9
  8. Cable Curl - 17.5x10x2
  9. DC Bicep Stretch

Literally only 12 working sets but I was so gassed after the 230 pull and then the rest pause set after that was just horrible. I was really hungry too, went looking for food whilst doing deadlift warmups but to no avail, thankfully my intra has 50g carbs in which kept me at bay until my PWO shake and meal. 

Weight was up another 0.1kg today, so we're only 0.2kg away from my heaviest ever. I'm guessing we'll be at between 94.9 and 95.1 on Monday as I always climb over the weekend! 

Feeling really full, back thickness is certainly going up and loads along with them, definitely some good tissue being added even with all the fluff that comes with bulking. 

Cals hitting just shy of 5k per day now, 260g Protein, 600g Carbs, 90g fats(ish). Pushing on until we hit 100kg then will assess what I look like and how I sit before making a decision on competing. Job front will also come into play as I need the £££ for a good coach, prep cycle etc and we're looking to move house.

Most likely outcome is I'll keep on growing, and then begin to taper down in Spring and prep through the summer before choosing a show Sept next year, maybe. 


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18/11/2019 12:53 pm  

Hi Guys, 

Into a new training week and really glad to be back in the gym feeling rested and ready to go!

Had an excellent session this morning where we progressed loads and reps, which looked a little like this;

  1. Flat Bench - 130x4 - 110x9
  2. Decline Smith - 2.5PPS x 12 - rest pause
  3. Decline Smith - 2PPS x 12 - straight set
  4. DB Fly - 20x9
  5. Machine Fly - 50x12
  6. DC Chest Stretch
  7. Cable Lateral Raise - 20x10 - 15x15
  8. Shoulder Press - 4PPS x 5 - 3PPS x 15 (rest pause)
  9. DB Lateral - 20x10x2
  10. Shoulder DC Stretch
  11. Dual Handle Tricep Extension - 30x12 - 25x15
  12. Single arm Tricep Pushdown - 7.5x12-10

Really pleased with how that went, very intense, great execution and definitely some growth to come. 

Weight has ballooned over the weekend up to 95.1kg which is my new highest ever weight! I've gone up by 0.6kg over the weekend even though I had a pretty active weekend with a long walk yesterday and calories weren't that high.

Hopefully the rest of this week goes just as well, food intake is great, rest is great, basically just ticking every box right now and it's showing for sure! 

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19/11/2019 2:19 pm  

Today's Pull session started off very intense and then at the end I got talking and skipped calves (my bad), but the session on the whole was very good, tried out a new set type for rear delts, hit some new rep PBs and got the work in!

Session went as follows;

  1. Lat Activation - 2 sets
  2. D Handle Lat Pulldown - 70x10 (+2 reps) - 60x14 (+2 reps)
  3. Overhand Seated Row - 67.5x8 (+2.5kg + 2 reps) - 57.5x12 (+2.5kg reps matched)
  4. Rear delt fly - Single rest pause set - 16x12-4-3-2 - then double drop to bands - need to go up in weight next week as ideally I'd want to fail in the 10-15 rep range
  5. T Bar Row - 1 straight set - 65x12 - (+5kg, reps matched)
  6. Rope pullover - 17.5x15x2 - (+3 reps)
  7. DC Lat Stretch - 1 minute
  8. Incline DB Curl - 22x5 (+2kg -3 reps) 18x10 (+2kg -2reps)
  9. Cable Curl D Handles - 20x10x2 (+2.5kg -2 reps)

I'm either progressing loads or reps or both on every set of every exercise which is great. Weight is flat (-0.1kg) from yesterday, nothing to bother about really as I still got the cals in that I needed to hit, just a bit of daily fluctuation. 

Tomorrow is legs though and knowing what I've got to hit is a little frightening with a 185x4 on back squats the highlight. Ouch. 

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20/11/2019 1:35 pm  

So today was my hardest session in a long long time, purely because my lower back started to give way early in the session so to complete it, I had to make some changes. 

Kind of annoying that my lower back is giving up before my quads/hammies do which is preventing me from training to failure on compound leg movements, but we work around it. 

Today's session looked like this;

  1. Seated Leg Curl - 55x20 (rest pause) (+1 rep)
  2. Adductors - Stack x 26 (+1 rep)
  3. Abductors - Stack x 30 (+1 rep)
  4. Squats - 190x3 (+5kg, reps matched) - 160x6 (added back off set)
  5. Banded Leg Press - 6PPS x 15 (+0.5PPS - 12 reps - lower back pain)
  6. Leg Extension Rest Pause - 70x15 (+7.5kg -1 rep)
  7. DC Quad Stretch
  8. Standing Ham Curl - 10x15 (+5 reps)
  9. SLDL Hamstring Stretch 

So that was a really painful one, pushed loads up on seated stuff knowing my back wouldn't hold, now to recover a little before Friday's heavy pull session. 

I may take a deload next week and focus on some mobility work just to try and give myself chance to recover. This last 6 weeks have been really heavy and intense training wise and to be honest, I could just do with the rest. Your body tells you when it needs to ease off a little. Will see how I feel over the weekend. 

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21/11/2019 1:25 pm  

Had a quite wonderful push session this morning, where we touched some new loads that I've never touched before and/or added reps to everything! 

The session looked as follows;

  1. Incline Banded Smith Press - 3ppsx6 (+1 rep) - 2.5pps x 10 (+1 rep)
  2. Chest Press - 4pps x 7 (+.25pps, reps matched) - 3.25pps (+2 reps)
  3. Pec dec - 60x10 (+5kg, reps matched) 40x34 Rest pause (this was too light, need to go up)
  4. DC Chest Stretch
  5. DB Lateral Raise - 22x8 (+2 reps) - 18x13 (+1 rep)
  6. Lying Cable Lateral - 17.5x10x2 (+2.5kg -2reps)
  7. Close Grip Bench - 115x4 (+5kg -2 reps) 95x8 (paused reps, +5kg -1 rep)
  8. Dual Handle Tricep Extension - 30x10 (+1 rep) - 25x15 (+2 reps)
  9. Rope Tricep Extension - 20x13 (+1 rep)
  10. Smith Standing Calf Raise - 0.5ppsx10 (10 seconds in stretched position between each rep) 

The calf work at the end was absolutely fucking horrible, had me in agony, so hard to focus on which rep you're on when you're counting 10 seconds in stretch position between reps and just in so much pain from the stretch work. 

It's literally just one set but my god is it brutal. Hopefully it'll actually work and I'll get some calves for Christmas this year....

One more session to go this week and it's a good'un. Deadlifts. 

Weight is up to 95.3kg, strength is at an all time high, clothes are tight, life is good! 

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22/11/2019 5:09 pm  

So this brings to the end my training week. It's been a really good one with the exception of the back problems but I think I know what the cause of that is so will hopefully be able to push past it. 

Today's session was my full body pull session. Had a little exercise rotation to slightly change training approach for biceps and I swapped deadlifts for a block pull to overload back more so than hams. 

Here's the session in full;

  1. Single leg hamstring curl - 30x8 (+2 reps) - 22.5x14 (+2 reps)
  2. Block Pull - 240x3 - 200x8 - biggest ballache here was the bar rolling on each dead stop
  3. Seated Row Neutral - 4ppsx10 (+2 reps)
  4. Overhand Pulldown - 3.5pps x 10 (+1 rep)
  5. DC Row - 40x14-12 (2 reps added on both sets)
  6. DB Hammer Curl - 20x8 - 16x12
  7. Preacher Curl Rest Pause - 30x16 - need to go up in load

All in all, a very good session and very good training week. Weight ended at 95.2kg, up 0.7kg on last Friday so we're in a good place. Hopefully with good rest and recovery, with less expenditure, we'll be up to 96kg or so on Monday. 

Have a great weekend guys! 

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25/11/2019 1:59 pm  

First session of the week, weight has only gone up by 0.1kg over the weekend which is a shame but still my new highest ever weight of 95.3kg. 

Hit a new PB this morning on flat bench, which was lovely and still had some more in the tank. 

Full session as follows;

  1. Flat Bench - 130x5 (+1 rep) - 110x10 (+1 rep)
  2. Decline Smith - 2.5PPS x 14 - rest pause (+2 reps)
  3. Decline Smith - 2PPS x 14 - straight set (+3 reps)
  4. Machine Fly - 60x16 (rest pause)
  5. DC Chest Stretch
  6. Cable Lateral Raise - 20x12 - 15x15 (+1 rep on both)
  7. Shoulder Press - 4PPS x 5 - 3PPS x 15 (reps matched)
  8. DB Lateral - 20x11x2 (+1 rep on both)
  9. Shoulder DC Stretch
  10. Dual Handle Tricep Extension - 32.5x12 - 27.5x15 (reps matched, +2.5kg on both)
  11. Single arm Tricep Pushdown - 7.5x12-12 (+2 reps, 2nd set)
  12. Dc Calf work - 40x16

Really good session, put most of it on instagram as a swipe and save to show others how I train which you can see here;

Next up, Pull A, but first some food and rest!! 


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26/11/2019 1:56 pm  

I'm filming a full day of eating today for a bulking youtube video which will be up in the next few days. Kind of hard to do whilst parenting and stuff, and I always forget to record when I mean to!

Anyways, hit a pull session this morning, swapped a couple of exercises for variations and added some more bicep volume to bring them up a bit.

  1. Lat Activation
  2. D Handle Lat Pulldown - 3.75ppsx8 (+0.25pps -2 reps) 3.25ppsx12 (+0.25pps -2reps)
  3. Double Overhand Seated Row - 3pps x 6 - 2.5pps x 10
  4. Rear delt fly (rest pause) - 18x21 - dropset to green band, dropset to red band (+2kg still need to go heavier)
  5. T bar row - 70x12 (+5kg, reps matched)
  6. Chest supported rope pullover - 20x10 - 15x13 - this was new, lovely movement, much better lat contraction
  7. DC Lat Stretch
  8. Incline DB Curl - 22x6 (+1 rep) - 18x11 (+1 rep)
  9. Cable Curl D Handle - Rest Pause - 20x20
  10. Arm Curl Machine Rest Pause - 20x24

Need to go up in load for the final two exercises, should be failing around 12-16 reps so can progress loads there. 

Weight is down slightly by 0.3kg, so need to up calories a little more. 

Good session though, felt fatigued today but still got through it well. Only niggle is in my right adductor, which hopefully is nothing major ahead of legs tomorrow. 



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27/11/2019 7:57 pm  

Today's session was bloody horrible. I've never been so close to throwing up for an entire session so much as I was from exercise 3 onwards today. 

But it went as follows;

  1. Leg Curl - Loading - 65x8 - Back off - 50x12 (swapped out the rest pause here as just wasn't feeling great when doing them, a lot of knee pressure)
  2. Adductors - stack x 27 (+ 1 rep)
  3. Abductors - stack x 30 (matched)
  4. Squats - 190x4 (+1 rep) - 160x7 (+1 rep)
  5. Reverse Banded Leg Press - 8pps x 12 - 6pps x 20 (this was disgusting)
  6. Leg Extension - Rest Pause - 75x15 (reps matched +5kg)
  7. Quad Stretch
  8. Standing Ham Curl - Rest Pause - 15x15 (+5kg -1 rep)
  9. Hamstring Stretch
  10. Calves - 0.5pps on smith, calf raise, 10 seconds in stretch position per rep, 12 reps

I've actually lost another 0.5kg today, something is going on strange, which considering I ate 4400 calories is very odd, I should be gaining not losing!! 

It's a struggle to get more cals than this in really, but needs must to buck the trend. 

Very good but so hard session today, I know I'll be very sore tomorrow! 



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