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28/11/2019 7:53 pm  

You know when you go into the gym and someone is like sprawled across about 4 different bits of kit, one of which you use as your staple exercise for that session so have to change. Yep, that happened. I had to swap Incline smith for incline barbell which isn't ideal as the strength curve is a bit shit and I had to guess loads somewhat but hey ho. 

Today's session was as follows;

  1. Incline BB press - 110x6 - 90x10
  2. Chest Press - 4pps x 8 - 3.25pps x 13 (+1 rep both sets)
  3. Pec Dec - 70x9 (+10kg -1 rep) - 50x23 rest pause (+10kg, still too many reps)
  4. Chest Stretch
  5. DB Lateral Raise Partials - 24x6 - 20x10 (+2kg both sets, -2 reps both sets)
  6. Cable Lateral Raise - 17.5x12x2 (+2 reps)
  7. Close Grip Bench - 115x5 - 95x9 (+1 rep on both)
  8. Tricep Extension - 30x15 - 25x20 (+5 reps on both)
  9. Rope tricep extension - 20x14 (+1 rep)

Weight is flat from yesterday so at least stopped the rot. One more session to go this week which is arguably my favourite one. This session was very intense, I'd used up my intra about halfway through. Meal timing was a bit off but got all the cals in which is fine. Just to rest up ready to go tomorrow. 

Also playing golf post pull tomorrow, should be fun to see if I can still swing a club, haven't done so in about 4 years. 

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29/11/2019 4:41 pm  

This session was horrible. After my first set of block pulls I was ready to go home. But I pushed through and finished knowing a deload is just around the corner, i.e. right now. 

Session as follows;

  1. Single leg ham curl: 32.5x8 - 25x12 (+2.5 and reps matched, both sets)
  2. Block pull - 240x3 - 220x5 (reps matched first set +20kg -3 reps 2nd set)
  3. Seated Row - 4.25pps x 8 (+0.25pps -2 reps)
  4. Overhand pulldown - 3.75pps x 8 (+0.25pps -2 reps)
  5. DC Rows - 40x15x2 (+1 rep first set, +3 reps 2nd set)
  6. DB Hammer Curl - 24x6 - 20x10 (+2kg -2 reps both sets)
  7. Preacher Curl Rest Pause - 35x14 (+5kg -2 reps)

Only 11 working sets, but they are absolutely brutal. Had me on the floor at times gasping for air. 

Niggles have caught up with me now, spine, rotator cuff and hips are all very sore, so I'm deloading next week.

Will probably train 3 times, just a single run through of push, pull & legs with 60% of normal loads so a much lower intensity. 

Usually my weight shoots up on a deload week so this should be fun! 

There won't be too much interesting to report, I'll likely train on Tuesday next as I have a busy Monday and just take some extra rest. 

Then the next week I'll be back in firing on all cylinders ready to push on for this next phase. 



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03/12/2019 2:34 pm  

Hi Guys, 

So this week is a deload week, I structure these into my training every what 6-10 weeks or so and it's determined by when I feel I need a little break. This current block has been an all out 7 weeks where I've really pushed myself and in the last two weeks niggles have started to appear and get a little worse with my final session last week just being a shed load of pain. 

As such I decided to take a deload week. 

The way I personally programme a deload week is as follows;

  1. Use 60% of your normal loads for the same reps and sets
  2. Intensifiers are out, just straight sets
  3. No spinal loading
  4. Reduce session volume from 5 to 3

Diet is the same, sleep is the same, so we're maximising recovery capabilities under less load and less time in the gym for a one week period. 

I cut out anything spinal loading to give the CNS a break and generally just reduce loads. 

This training week is boring, so there's no PRs, nothing interesting to report but this is the training week in full with sets/reps/loads. 

I do keep my normal calf work in though because they suck and the loads aren't going to kill me.


  1. Flat Bench - 80x6x2
  2. Decline Smith - 60x12x2
  3. Fly - 35x15
  4. Cable Lying Lateral Raise - 10x12x2
  5. Shoulder Press - 2.5pps x 6 x 2
  6. DB Lateral Raise - 12x12x2
  7. Dual Handle Tricep Extension - 20x12x2
  8. DC Calf Raises - 10x12


  1. Handle Lat Pulldown - 2.25pps x 8 x 2
  2. Overhand Seated Row - 35x8x2
  3. Rear Delt Fly - 12x10
  4. T Bar Row - 40x12
  5. Rope Pullover - 12.5x10x2
  6. Incline DB Curl - 14x6x2
  7. D Handle Cable Curl - 12.5x20


  1. Hamstring Curl - 40x8x2
  2. Adductor - 40x30
  3. Abductor - 40x30
  4. Leg Press Reverse Banded - 5pps x 12 - 3.5 pps x 20
  5. Leg Extension - 45x16x2
  6. Standing Ham Curl - 10x15x2
  7. Calves - 10x12

And that is it, the entire week. 

I'll likely jump up in weight a little as my output is decreased, fortunately I'm also a bit ill this week so it's not going to impact my training as it otherwise may have done. 

The focus is just on rest and recovery. 

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09/12/2019 1:14 pm  

So today is my first day back in the gym after a week deloading. Some positives and some negatives in the session but we'll take it for the first one back. 

When coming back from a deload, I really look to attack the sessions hard with either an increase in load or volume. 

So here's today's session;

  1. Flat bench - 135x3 - 115x8 (+5kg -2 reps on both)
  2. Decline Smith - 100x15 rest pause (+1 rep) - 80x16 straight set (+1 rep) - this hurt my anterior delt badly and really affected the rest of my session
  3. Fly - 60x16 rest pause (+1 rep)
  4. Cable lying lateral raise - 22.5x7 (-4 reps +2.5kg) 17.5x13 (+2.5kg -2reps)
  5. Shoulder press - 4pps x 6 - 3pps x 8 - anterior delt just gave up here so cut this short
  6. DB lateral raise - 20x12x2 (+1 rep)
  7. Dual Handle tricep extension - 35x12 - 30x16 (+2.5kg - reps matched)
  8. Single arm underhand tricep extension - 7.5x13x2 (+1 rep)
  9. DC calf raises - 50x16 (+10kg)

The bug bear is my anterior delt, really really hurts. We'll see if the pain subsides before the next push session on thursday but yeah not comfortable at all. 

Lovely bench PB however with 135 for 3, not too long ago that would have been my 1rm and I had at least another rep in the tank there. 

Shoulder press is a strange one because the machine makes it a ballache to get the first rep up, but from there it's not too bad, I may swap this out to DBs though as I've not done any DB presses in a long time. My gym goes up to 50s so for chest work I would work above that, but shoulders should be fine and give room to progress the movement. 

Weight is up to 95.8kg, edging ever closer to where I want it to be, but getting ever fatter. Only 4 weeks to go until we drop down the cals a bit and go to maintenance for 6 weeks or so. 

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10/12/2019 12:25 pm  

I had a really shitty food day yesterday, only hit 3300 cals and missed all my macros, just felt ill and had no appetite. Ended up going to bed at like 9pm which has actually done me the world of good. Still feel a little rough and lethargic, but much better than yesterday. 

Here's today's session;

  1. Lat activation x2
  2. Handle Lat Pulldown - 4pps x 6 - 3.5pps x10 (+0.25pps -2 reps)
  3. Seated Row - 3pps x7 - 2.5pps x 11 (+1 rep)
  4. Rear delt fly - 20x16 rest pause, then dropset to bands - +2kg -4 reps
  5. T bar row - 70x12 - (+5kg, reps matched)
  6. DB Pullover - 26x12x2
  7. Incline DB Curl - 22x6 - 18x12 rest pause (+1 rep)
  8. Cable Curl - 25x14 rest pause (+5 -6 reps)
  9. Arm Curl machine - 25x22 rest pause (+5, +2 reps)

Really good session, my back is looking very thick and dense which is great, loads progressing nicely too.

Weight is down 0.1kg from yesterday, less than I expected given I ate fuck all, so nice to retain. No new niggles or worries today, but we have the brutal leg session tomorrow. Yikes. 



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12/12/2019 5:28 pm  

So I had yesterday off training as spent some family time and gym time just didn't pan out. So today I did the leg session that I was going to do yesterday. I've had some really strange like neck pain which has left me seized up at times and has got worse today than it was yesterday, but legs doesn't really require any head/neck movement so decided to train through it. 

This was today's session;

  1. Leg Curl - 70x6 (+5 -2 reps) - 50x14 (+2 reps)
  2. Adductor - stack x 30 reps
  3. Abductor - stack x 30 reps
  4. Reverse banded leg press - 9 plates x 10 (+1 plate, -2 reps) - 7 plates x 20 (+1 plate)
  5. Leg extension Rest Pause - 75x20 (+5 reps)
  6. Walking lunges - 40xfailure - rest pause to absolute failure - go up in weight
  7. Standing Ham Curl - 17.5x18 (+2.5 + 3 reps)
  8. DC Calf Raises - 60x10

I dropped squats out this week as I didn't want any spinal loading really with my neck issue, so went ham on leg press and added in walking lunges to hit more quad volume. 

This session was really really great, huge intensity, heavy loads, progresses loads and reps and my legs were on fire. 

Then got back, neck seized up and I've been horizontal since then 🙁

Hopefully with adequate rest I should be okay to do push tomorrow but we'll play that one by ear. 

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16/12/2019 7:40 pm  

Hi Guys, 

It's been a minute since I've posted but for good reason. I woke up the other day with a stiff neck and literally couldn't move, like my daughter was having to help me get up and stuff so decided to rest up and recover, but then it's improved slightly, but not to the extent of going straight back in balls to the wall, so decided to hit a push session with some changes to be conservative and just work to weights that are lighter in load, but higher reps and volume if needed. 

Session was as follows;

  1. Reverse banded smith incline press - 2.5pps x 8 - 2pps x 14
  2. Chest press - 4pps x 8 - 3pps x 14
  3. Fly - 70x10 - 55x14 rest pause back off 
  4. Lateral raise - 8x10x3 - went for 1/3 of my normal load here and cut off cable lateral work
  5. Close grip bench - 100x8x2 - usually do 1 top set in 4-6 range and one set in 8-12 range but increased my back off load and hit 2 sets of 8 instead as I couldn't really brace properly
  6. Tricep Extension - 35x10 - 25x20
  7. Rope Tricep Extension - 20x14 rest pause

Weight is flat(ish) at 95.8kg, if this niggle continues I'll cut this blast period short and go into maintenance mode for 8 weeks. Tomorrow should be pull but we'll see how we feel and may swap for legs instead as lower body isn't affected at all. 

That session was like a 0/10 as everything just hurt, but we got through it and got some work in even if not my best. 

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17/12/2019 6:58 pm  

So today I decided to push myself a little more and work through the pain, it actually went quite well, although the connection wasn't there and the session still felt a little flat, pushed some solid loads and equalled and better my previous rotation of this session, so can't really complain!

The session went as follows;

  1. Single Leg Ham Curl - 35x6 - 25x14
  2. Rack Pull - 260x1 - 220x6
  3. Seated Row - 4.25pps x9
  4. Overhand Pulldown - 3.75pps x 8
  5. DC Rows - 45x12x2
  6. DB Hammer Curl - 24x7 - 20x11
  7. Preacher Curl Rest Pause - 35x16

Weight is static at 85.8kg but I'm not too bothered about that, happy for it to hold whilst training and food has been so so. Decided to change my programming up to include a little more leg volume (quad orientated) so Instead of Push Pull Legs Push Pull repeat I'll now be doing push pull legs rest push pull legs rest and taking the extra rest day but then having a slightly different rotation as my rest and training days are varying with work and childcare commitments. Essentially I'm training when I can and resting when I need to so it may take me 9 days to get the 6 day rotation in but still hitting good volume, I just want to do more quad work, not because they're lacking, just because I enjoy it and feel as though I could hit more volume there. 

We'll see how that goes anyway. 

Gym is shut for a few days over Christmas so I'll either have to reduce volume that week or may do Upper/Lower to compensate, but we'll see. 

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23/12/2019 4:35 pm  

Hi All, 

I haven't put a session up since the 17th but have actually trained 4 times since then so here's all the sessions I've hit;

Legs 1:

  1. Hamstring Curl - 70x7 -55x12
  2. Adductors - Stack x 30
  3. Abductors - Stack x 30
  4. Leg Press Reverse Banded - 9ppsx12 - 7.5pps x16
  5. Leg extension rest pause - 80x15
  6. Walking lunges - 45xfailure rest pause
  7. Single leg ham curl - 20x13 rest pause
  8. Calves

Push 1:

  1. Flat bench - 135x4 - 115x9
  2. High incline smith reverse banded - 2pps x 10 x 2
  3. Fly - 60x16 rest pause
  4. Lying cable lateral - 25x6 - 20x10
  5. Shoulder press - 3pps x 8 - 2pps x 16 rest pause
  6. DB lateral - 20x14 rest pause
  7. Tricep extension - 40x6 - 30x17 

Pull 1:

  1. Lat activation (2)
  2. Handle Lat Pulldown - 4ppsx7 - 3.5pps x 11
  3. Double Overhand Row - 3ppsx8 - 2.5ppsx12
  4. Rear delt fly - 20x13 rest pause then double dropset to bands
  5. T bar row - 75x10
  6. Dual handle pullover - 15x 10-8
  7. DB curl - 22x8 - 18x16 rest pause
  8. Cable Curl - 25x15 rest pause

Legs 2:

  1. Single leg ham curl - 35x6 - 25x14
  2. Adductor - stack x 30
  3. Abductor - stack x 30
  4. Safety Bar Pause Squats - 160x8 - 120x13 rest pause
  5. Single leg extension - 27.5x8 - 20x12
  6. RDL - 100x8
  7. Calves - 70x12

Weight is at 95.6kg going into Christmas, last session before Christmas tomorrow then the gym is closed for two days so no training and a lot of food hopefully. 

Coming to the end of the blast phase too, so we'll be at a TRT dose for the next 2 months which is a bit of a bore but I'm barely in the country in January so a good time for it to fall into and just hope to retain all I've built in the last few months. 

I'll probably post tomorrow but if I don't, Merry Christmas to anyone that actually reads this, I really do appreciate the support and people that take an interest in my journey! 



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28/12/2019 9:26 pm  

So it's been Christmas week and the gym has been closed for two days, but I've trained 3 times since the last post to complete the PPL rotation and gonna do a little update as such. 

Weight over Christmas has dropped by 0.4kg, I've really not been strict with diet and when I'm not force feeding I'll end up under eating calorie wise, even if my diet has been pudding and biscuits. 

Training itself has been pretty damn good, here's the sessions;


  1. Reverse Banded Smith Press - 2.75ppsx7 - 2.25ppsx12
  2. Chest press - 4.25pps x 6 - 3pps x 15
  3. Pec Dec - 75x7 - 55x15 rest pause
  4. DB Lateral - 18x8x2
  5. Seated Row Lateral - 15x12x2
  6. Close Grip Bench - 120x4 - 100x9
  7. Tricep Extension - 35x11 - 25x23 rest pause
  8. Rope tricep rest pause - 20x16


  1. Deadlifts - 240x2.5 - 200x8
  2. Seated Row - 4.25pps x10
  3. Overhand pulldown - 3.75pps x 9
  4. DC Rows - 45 x 13-10
  5. Hammer Curl - 24x7 - 20x12 rest pause
  6. Aem Curl - 30x7 rest pause


  1. Hamstring curl - 70x8 - 55x13
  2. Adductors and abductors - 70x30 
  3. Leg Press Reverse banded - 9.5pps x 8 - 7.5pps x17
  4. Leg extension - 80x16 rest pause
  5. Walking lunges - 50 x failure
  6. Single Leg Ham Curl - 20x14
  7. Calf Raises - 60x12

This leg session was brutal, after the lunges I was absolutely done for. The lightheadedness was horrible but the quad pump was unreal. 

I'm taking a rest day tomorrow to recover before then hitting the first rotation of PPL again. Gym is closed again on new years day so the training week will be split again somewhat. 

I'm off to India on the 11th Jan, so again diet and training will really vary as my schedule will be determined by others and accommodation also not being handled by myself so really not a clue what gym/food will be like for that week. 

Anyways, I'll probably update this in a week or so, but for now, hope you all had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.



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07/01/2020 5:03 pm  

It's been a full training week since I last posted but having had numerous gym closed periods it's taken a while to get through 6 sessions. 

Anyway, I'm in a little maintenance block, weight is 95.1kg and looking to try and hold here for the next month or so whilst my schedule is all over the place. 

On the 11th Jan I'm off to India for a week for work, then at the end of the month me and the other half are going to Iceland for our first trip of the year. So all in, I'll only be in the country for half the month and training will really just fall around that. 

It will however give me a chance to create some cool content from both trips which I'll be putting up on my YouTube here

I've had some good sessions, some less so good ones but here's the week in full;

Push A

  1. Flat Bench - 135x4 - 120x7
  2. High Incline Reverse Banded - 2ppsx11x2
  3. Fly - 65 - rest pause to failure (didn't log reps for some reason)
  4. Cable lateral raise - 25x7 - 20x11
  5. Shoulder press - 3.5pps x 8 - 2.5pps x 15
  6. DB lateral - 20x15 rest pause
  7. Tricep Extension - 40x7 - 30x19 rest pause
  8. DB tricep press - 14x8x2

Pull A

  1. Handle lat pulldown - 4pps x 8 - 3.5pps x 12
  2. Seated row - 3.5pps x 5 - 3pps x 10
  3. Rear delt fly - 20x15 rest pause - dual bands to failure dropset
  4. T bar row - 75x11
  5. Dual handle pullover - 15x12-10
  6. DB curl - 24x6 - 18x18 rest pause
  7. Cable curl - 25x17 rest pause

Legs A

  1. Single leg ham curl - 35x6 - 25x14
  2. Adductors & abductors - stack x 30
  3. Safety bar squats - 180x4 - 140x10
  4. Single leg extensions - 30x8 - 22.5x12
  5. RDL - 140x6
  6. Calves - 70x13

Push B

  1. Reverse banded smith press incline - 3pps x 6 - 2.5pps x 10
  2. Chest Press - 4.25pps x 7 - 3pps x 16
  3. Fly - 75x8 - 55x16 rest pause
  4. DB lateral - 18x10x2
  5. Cable lateral - 20x8 - 15x12
  6. Close grip bench - 120x5 - 100x10
  7. Dual handle tricep extension - 35x12 - 30x16
  8. Rope tricep extension - 20x17 rest pause

Pull B

  1. Deadlift - 260x1 - 200x9
  2. Seated row - 4.5pps x 7 
  3. Overhand pulldown - 4pps x 5 - 3pps x 9
  4. DC Row - 50x10x2
  5. DB hammer - 26x6 - 20x13 rest pause
  6. Preacher curl - 35x15

Legs B

  1. Hamstring Curl - 75x6 - 55x14
  2. Abductors and Adductors - stack x 10 x 2
  3. Leg press reverse banded - 9.5pps x 9 - 7.5pps x 17
  4. Leg extension - 85x13 rest pause
  5. Walking lunges - 50 to failure
  6. Single leg ham curl - 20x16 rest pause
  7. Calves - 70x12

Rotation starts again tomorrow, I rested on Sat/Sun so feel pretty fresh barring my neck still not being right and just want to get through my A rotation before I fly out. Who knows what my workouts will be like when I'm away, but I'm taking my stuff and will try to find a gym over there, just reliant on there being a good one in close proximity or make use of whatever is in my hotel.

That's all for this one folks, I'll have plenty of plane time and evening free time on my own to write content and stuff so should be churning out some more pretty soon. 

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20/01/2020 2:46 pm  

So from 11th-18th Jan I've been in India on business, which meant only 3 training sessions in that period and at another gym, as such it's taken me basically two weeks to get through one full rotation, but still got that work in and hit exactly the same as my normal work in India, barring some equipment changes. I can't say I really logged my training there but just hit the same loads and reps as last week. Diet and recovery have been sacrificed as I've not been able to track and had jet lag so just made the best of a bad situation. 

Weight wise, I'm at 93.5kg so lost a little but nothing too major, my mrs is actually happy because my neck has thinned out. Always happens when I go away, diet is slack and protein consumption will drop so I lose a little weight.

I actually had fuck all free time when I was over there as was in the office, training and then trying to sleep, so effectively had no free time and couldn't use my laptop on the plane as there just wasn't space. Being this weight and size on a normal plane seat just doesn't work well. 

Anyway, gonna be training literally every day this week, before I go to Iceland on the 28th and just trying to stay as consistent as possible. Training has definitely gone down in priority as income is everything right now, so if I can retain for this period, I'll be pretty happy. 

Lifts of the week were;

- 240kg Deadlift for 3

- 140kg Bench for 3

- 180kg Squat for 5 

Those are the main highlights really but we'll press on again, try and get back to normal sleep routine before I'm out of the country again.


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21/01/2020 2:03 pm  

Today's session was a Push session and I've decided to start a strength block for my compounds across the big 3 and work towards setting new maxes in around 10 weeks or so. 

As part of that my big 3 programming will be structured volume and load increases using %s of my desired 1RMs and working up towards that over time. 

The figures I'm looking at are;

Deadlift - 280kg

Squat - 240kg

Bench - 160kg

They're optimistic as right now I can pull 260, squat 220 and bench 150, but looking to push myself here and see how good my programming is.

I'm gonna do a Youtube series called the strength diaries where I'll run through my lifts of the week in this block, why I'm doing it and how it all feels etc.

So this session had bench and OHP in, where I thought I'd test a max and worked up to an 80kg single. Never really done much OHP so definitely want to get to 2 plate kinda range there. 

Bench was 120x2 @ 65% of desired 1RM and 100 for 3x3 with 60 seconds between each set.

The rest of the session followed my normal hypertrophy work with increases in load and sets/reps across the board. 

I've done this before and my strength skyrocketed which then fed in to hypertrophy work and ultimately growth. Just like to push myself somewhat and see what I can do! 

Rest of the session as follows;

  1. High incline smith - 2.5pps x 8 - 2pps x 13
  2. Fly - 65x16 rest pause
  3. Lying lateral raise cables - 25x9 - 20x13
  4. Military press single - 80kg
  5. Shoulder press DB - 36x8 - 30x12
  6. DB lateral - 22x13 rest pause
  7. Tricep extension - 40x9 - 35x16 rest pause
  8. DB tricep press - 14x12x2

Weight is up a little from yesterday, just reverse dieting into normal a tad to get accustomed to more cals but nothing too heavy just a couple hundred over maintenance for this period. 

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04/02/2020 2:37 pm  

Hi Guys, 

It's been a couple of weeks since I last posted, but since then I've managed to get through one full training rotation with a trip to Iceland for 4 days in the middle. 

Iceland was a magical place, I went with my other half and had a wonderful time, I'm doing a YouTube video of all the footage from the trip, but in short the culmination of that was me proposing, so I now have a fiance, mad. If you do get the chance though, go to Iceland, it's an incredible place, not cheap by any means, but well worth every penny. Some of the sights we saw were just out of this world. 

Back to training, the sessions themselves have been really good, hit everything I've wanted to log book wise which has been cool even with less consistency in training, up until today that is. 

So I've hit one PPL from Saturday to Tuesday with Sunday off, and bench went perfect on the first session with the 130x2 top set and back offs at 105 for 3x3 flying, then increased either reps or load across all the accessory bodybuilding work thereafter. 

Pull yesterday was bodybuilding only, no deadlift, but that was great too except I snapped a handle when doing lat pulldowns which was a bit of a fail so then had to swap exercise variant. 

Legs today however was a different ballgame, first couple of exercises (warming up) went swimmingly with rep PRs on ham curl, abductors and adductors, then come to my squat movement. Today was a 185x2 and 150 for 3x3. Warmed up nicely, loads felt good, then come to my top set. On the first rep felt a little twinge in the right quad, paused, thought shall I do the 2nd rep, thought yeah fuck it, went down and my quad popped, I was half way back up so straightened back up and felt it rip and that was the end of my session. I've torn a quad before, my other one, squatting, last year. Bit of a bummer but fuck it, puts an end to my planned power block, no quad work for a while, but I've been through this before and heal quickly, so will be back to it in no time. Just annoying that's all. 

Weight for me is a problem at the moment as no matter what I eat, I'm dropping lbs. Down 4kg from my highest and it's just continuing to drop, again very annoying, but increasing cals to try to offset that and see if I can get it to go the other way. Perk is I'm leaner, for once and had no loss in strength at all. 

Putting it down to glycogen retention and water weight more so than anything else. 

Anyways, I'll update again in due course, but training may be a little less "cool" for a little while at least whilst I recover. I've also smashed my tripod in the car door in Iceland, so that's another bummer but I'll buy a new one. 

That's all for today kids. 

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