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dr Scott Stevenson

Who is Dr Scott Stevenson?

Dr Scott Stevenson is an extremely well regarded applied exercise physiologist and competitive bodybuilder, as well as the creator of the Fortitude Training System.

Alongside this, he’s a former college professor, academic dean and instructor, columnist for EliteFTS and adjunct professor at the University of Tampa.

Scott’s articles and content have been published globally and Scott is regarded as one of the leading minds in both bodybuilding and applied exercise physiology, in turn working with and even mentoring some of the industry’s most recognised and well regarded fitness professionals alongside the likes of Dante Trudel and John Meadows.

What is fortitude training?

Fortitude training is the training system authored by Dr Scott Stevenson. It features a rigorous resistance training programme coupled with a dietary and supplementation approach.

Fortitude training is by all means not an easy programme to follow. It’s for a more advanced and dedicated bodybuilder who wants to realise their ultimate muscle building potential but also has the mental strength and capacity to regularly exceed prior limits achieved in the gym through progressive overload.

What does fortitude training look like?

There are two versions of fortitude training that focus on high frequency resistance training:

  1. Basic – Training major muscle groups 3x per week
  2. Turbo – Training major muscle groups 4x per week

Each version of the training system features three volume tiers. Within each volume tier, there is a variable number and type of set completed for each muscle group.

The training system itself is structured around progressive overload for heavier loading sets in the 6-12 rep range within a system that creates variation in growth stimulus by including higher repetition pump sets in the 15-25 rep range and discontinuous sets in the form of muscle rounds. Alongside this, there is also an emphasis placed on intensive stretching and recovery.

The training variations found within fortitude training are in place to keep workouts interesting, aid injury prevention and provide you with the ability to customise to your needs.

One of the unique elements of the training system are that the different set types are in place to work together, all within one training programme and with an aim to utilise varied training stimulus to achieve muscle growth.

Where can you get it?

If you’re interested in Dr Scott Stevenson’s work, and namely Fortitude Training systems, I really do urge you to read his literature and buy his book.

You can find more from Scott here:

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