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Over 14 Million Women worldwide have used the Emily Skye Fit Programme to help them transform their lives. We’re giving you an insight into one of her programmes, our review and a FREE DOWNLOAD for you to take away!

Emily Skye Fit – Who is she?

With a modelling background, Aussie fitness sensation Emily Skye exploded into the health and wellness scene in 2014. She made her mark by transforming herself from skinny model to strong, toned and confident role model.

Emily is a qualified personal trainer, fitness model and healthy living guru. She has already helped over 11 million people love their selfie. Her passion for health and positive body image has seen her win countless awards including:

1st place WNBF Miss USA Figure NSW 2011

1st place WNBF Miss USA Fit Body NSW 2011

1st place WNBF Best Body Swimsuit Sydney 2012

2nd place WNBF Miss USA Figure Sydney 2012

2nd Place INBA Fitness Model Sydney 2012

In addition to this, she has extremely large and dedicated social media followings which have helped her to become widely known in the industry as a fitness and lifestyle influencer with over 2 million instagram followers!

The Emily Skye Fit Programme;

To give an overview of the Emily Skye Fit Programme;

“I’m going to help you burn calories, get toned and define your body ­– you’re going to love it! The first few workouts may feel a little overwhelming, but that’s okay. Through practice and repetition, you’re going to crave it more than processed food. I’m going to work every muscle group with my signature resistance training to ensure your whole body gets some loving – this way we can sculpt your legs, butt core and arms.

If you’re training at home or at the park, make sure there are no sharp objects or holes in the ground. And if you’re training at the gym, don’t look or compare yourself to anyone else; this is your journey. The week will be made up of:”

The programme doesn’t just consist of workouts though, there’s meal planners, support and lifestyle guidance outside of the training advice, to ensure you’re happy as well as healthy in body.

So much of fitness and training is invested in your mentality, so it’s really nice to see Emily and her team be focused on elements other than just a training plan.

Our Review

The Emily Skye Fit guide is actually pretty damn good compared to other guides we’ve seen and reviewed. The guide listed here is a 2015 version and outdated, we totally recommend that you look through, some of the advice given is excellent and as a foundation introduction to training to gauge a healthy balanced lifestyle, there’s worse ways to start!

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