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Grace Fit UK is a student, vlogger and sponsored athlete. She works with Gymshark and pushes content about fitness, fashion, beauty, vegan life as well as other lifestyle type posts. Anyhow, the purpose of this is to share (much like we did with Tammy Hembrow), our analysis and review of a sponsored athlete’s paid for guide. We’ve seen a lot of you guys on instagram talking about and using the Grace Fit Guide, so we’re here to review and give you our recommendations.

Grace Fit Guide – 8 Week Guide

To quote Grace;

“Long story short, the GFG is for you if:

  • You’re looking for a way to reach your goals without having to invest a lot of time and effort in finding out how
  • You want to get into weightlifting without being intimidated by not knowing what to do in the weights room
    • the GFGuides include photos and videos of almost every exercise (just working on filming a few of the extra ones from GFG3!), meaning that you can head into the weights room worry free, and use your rest breaks to check how to perform an exercise.
  •  You are a seasoned weightlifter looking for 6 months of workouts written out and ready for you to use
  • You want to be part of a badass community of women who help and support each other
    • The GFG community is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever been a part of – over 12,000 girls do the guides, and with that comes an incredible community. By using the Grace Fit Guide Facebook group, the #GFG, #GraceFitGuide and #GFGChallenge hashtags, the community supports, encourages and helps one other in anything from workout tips to recipes to even boy trouble! If you’re looking to be part of something big, empowering and beautiful, the GFG community is for you.
  • You want to feel and look amazing and reach your goals
    • ultimately, the GFGuides are workout plans  – they’re there to get you smashing your workouts and achieving goals – aesthetic, strength and/or fitness – you never thought you could. By investing in the GFGuides, you will be taking a step to being your best self – you are investing in your health, your fitness, your body and yourself. I personally believe that the gym is the perfect place to be empowered by your own achievements, and the GFG can help you get there! Think about the amount of time you put into helping other people, and decide to start investing time in yourself.”

What is in the Grace Fit Guide

Grace breaks down the guide into the following sections;

  • My recommendations
  • Disclaimers, my workout split & how to use this guide
  • Legs 1
  • Arms and chest workout 1
  • Booty workout 1
  • Back and shoulders workout 1
  • Legs Workout 2
  • Arms and Chest workout 2
  • Abs and Cardio
  • Workout finishers
  • Glossary

Our Review of the Grace Fit Guide Workouts

Grace Fit’s guide is full of volume, and at first glance, each workout would take well over an hour, potentially an hour and a half if you partake in some cardio. So they’re not for those that have time sensitive training. Unfortunately there’s not even remotely a snipped of applied knowledge in any form of training, granted she’s not a PT or registered exercise professional, but this really is not geared towards anyone serious about lifting or responsible enough to build their own programme.

The nature of this being a downloadable PDF rather than a tailored programme makes it non specific to the user. It is solely geared towards those who really don’t have a clue what they’re doing. However, some females may respond better to lifting heavier weights in a lower rep range, some may find that hypertrophy exercises in the 12 rep range do nothing for them. So really, analysing your reaction to the workouts and varying them will only leave you in good stead. I personally would be worn out after 3-4 exercises let alone 6 per training day for large muscle groups with compounds.

What I would say is that this guide is great for the instagrammer who has seen Grace and wants to get into the gym and start training, but hasn’t really trained before. If you’re new to the gym, you’ll definitely notice a difference, but learn how your body responds, make changes and definitely incorporate some other work into your week.

However, if you were my client and came to me with something like this, I’d rip it up and build something tailored to you, that suits you and your goals.

Please let us know in the comments if you’ve given this a go and how you responded to it!

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