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Zac Efron has piled on some serious mass in recent years, any we’ve been asked many times if we think he’s using anabolic steroids. Zac’s physique is extremely aesthetic and desirable, he’s recently filmed Baywatch where he’s got to pair up shirtless against The People’s Champ. If you didn’t want to bulk up a bit to go topless vs The Rock, then you’re way more emotionally secure than I am!

But the question remains, do we think Zac Efron is using steroids?

Is Zac Efron’s Physique Attainable Naturally?

Short answer, yes it is.

Whilst Zac’s physique is impressive, the numbers associated with it aren’t necessarily mind bending. Elsewhere I’ve seen that he’s packed on 30lbs of muscle and cut his body fat down from 9% to 4% but that’s just bullshit. Realistically, he’s put on less than 10lbs and was sitting around 12-15% body fat and is now around 8%, just to look at. This is over the course of a year, undoubtedly with incredible nutrition, the best trainers money can buy and time to commit to training.

In my opinion, this is achievable completely naturally. He even states that he trained for month’s to achieve this

I’ve seen elsewhere that it’s not achievable to make this transformation in a matter of months as a natural, but it really is. Those that don’t think that, generally have little to no understanding of what the body looks like when you eat well, train hard (but more importantly smart) and rest well.

So really, yes this physique is achievable naturally.

Do we think Zack Efron uses steroids?

Personally, no, I don’t think he uses steroids. I think he’s reaching his physical natural peak, through a combination of good nutrition and training. I do however think that genetics plays a part in this, Zac has always been of a smaller frame, that shows with his tight waistline and natural ability to retain less body fat.

People have said that his more prominent jawline and increase in body hair with a slight receding hairline is a matter of using testosterone. Whilst it could be, in my opinion, this is just because he’s getting older.

He of course could have stepped on a cycle to gain the way he has, but using steroids basically makes no difference unless you’re eating well and training hard anyway, it just removes the natural limits you have. We’ll never know, but no, I don’t think Zac Efron has used any form of steroids.

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