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Online coaching to help you achieve your dream physique. Backed by research, executed by you. 

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My Expertise

Helping busy professionals get in the best shape of their lives

As a coach, I specialise in working with high pressured, busy professionals with time limitations. I understand what your lifestyle entails (12 Years in corporate positions) and work with you to create the most effective strategies that will help you achieve your goals. 

Working with me, you won’t need to be in the gym for hours every day, you won’t be unable to go to client events (unless you don’t want to). What we’ll work together to achieve, is a plan that fits around your lifestyle, that is truly customised to you, that you can adhere to, be consistent with and get results from.

Sound good? 


Build more muscle tissue than you've ever dreamed of with my advanced knowledge of bodybuilding backed by 10+ years experience

Getting Lean

Not just looking to pack on size? No problem. Whether it's recomposition, shedding some body fat (or even stepping on stage), I've got you covered.


All of my training principles centre around getting strong. But for those with a more particular preclusion to strength training and a specific goal in mind, I can help with that.  

The Unspoken

No, I'm not going to advocate for usage. Yes I do have a ton of knowledge around using and applying it. (We can discuss more personally)

Online Coaching Services

My online coaching services have been devised to suit the lifestyle and needs of busy individuals. I work with you to create a programme that is customisable to your schedule, easily tailored around other commitments and most importantly, effective. 

Every client has access to me through my app and specific client phone line. You’ll be asked to upload weekly progress data and daily metrics to create trend lines that inform decisions. Each week you’ll need to complete a check in, which will then be replied to with planned changes and revisions to your programming. 

I cover all elements of programming, and factor in your schedule, to truly make this work for you. If you’re a busy professional and looking to be held accountable and get in the best shape of your life, then my services are for you. Either fill out the form below, or send me a message to get started. 

Diet Plan

  • Custom Diet Plan
  • Suited To Your Likes & Dislikes
  • Calculated Macros
  • Tailored To Your Goals

Training programme

  • Custom Training Plan
  • Tailored To Your Goals
  • 8 Week Programme Outline
  • Half Point Check In With Revisions

Why Work With Me

Well aside from what I’ve accomplished for myself (see left, yes I was that skinny), I started out as a PT age 18 helping people just like you achieve results.

Fast forward 10+ years of advanced training knowledge and countless gym sessions, clients and hours refining a systematic approach to building muscle tissue, and hey presto, you have my services.

If you’re new to the gym and looking for someone to count reps and tell you that you’re doing a good job. I’m not the coach for you. 

But, if you’re looking to work with someone who really does know their shit, who will push you to your limit and beyond to help you achieve your goals, then yeah, you’re the type of person that I’d like to work with. 

Got a question?

Interested in coaching but not sure if it’s right for you? Want to know more about the range of services I offer?

Just fill out the form and I’ll do my best to answer your questions.

And even if we’re not working together, I’m still more than happy to answer questions related to muscle building, bodybuilding and dieting etc, it’s just my passion. 


Who delivers the coaching?

I (Jordan) am the coach that will be delivering your package.

I have a Level 2 Fitness Instructor, Level 3 Personal Training and Level 4 Advanced PT qualification and over 10 years experience both training and helping others to achieve results.

This is a passion for me, I do own another business and as such cap the volume of clients I work with at any one time with a waiting list for new clients when I hit that cap as I wouldn’t be able to deliver the right level of service to each client. 

Am I tied into a contract?

Short answer, no. After the initial 3 month term, coaching services are a monthly rolling contract with 30 day notice periods for cancellation.

How do you accept payments?

Initial payments are taken via a payment link, you will then be sent a direct debit mandate to complete and payments are then taken automatically from the date of commencement of your package. 

What is the training like?

Training varies by individual but is ALWAYS made to be as effective as possible. 

You will be training with a higher intensity and more structure than you have before, but this is a requirement to enable exceptional results. 

How will you know what equipment I can use?

As part of the onboarding process there is a full questionnaire which details everything I need to know from you in advance of a call to set up your programme.

This includes looking at injuries, your diet and equipment that you have access to. 

How fast can we get started?

Well, once your consultation is complete, we’ll arrange a call through my online diary and after that, within a few days, you’ll receive your plan.

There’s just no way I can turn around a plan within the same day

  1. You’d have a cookie cutter plan (which I don’t do)
  2. It won’t have the thought required and have that process of revisions with you to make it work
Will I need to record things?

Yes, basically everything.

I track;

  • Sleep
  • Food intake
  • Heart rate
  • Steps
  • How you feel and perceived exertion
  • Training log
  • And record lifts to check form and intensity

All of this is required as a standard.