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Luke Sandoe

Remembering Luke Sandoe

It is with a heavy heart that we write this post. Rest in peace Luke, gone, but never forgotten.

Luke Sandoe was a shining light of British Bodybuilding, the best of the best in this generation on the UK scene. He shot to notoriety globally with a 3rd place finish at the 2019 Arnold Classic however that was but a mere partial highlight of his meteoric rise to success and stardom on the scene within bodybuilding. 

Luke started his journey in bodybuilding in his early 20s, in that period he showed his genetic potential and by 23 had made his competitive bodybuilding debut, winning the junior class at the 2012 South Coast Juniors in his first appearance. What followed was a continuing series of placings and wins culminating in a well earned pro card at the UKBFF British Finals in 2015.

Luke then entered the IFBB pro league, placing in some of the largest competitions globally including 3 Arnold’s, 2 top 3 pro placings and finally an Olympia appearance, the pinnacle of bodybuilding. 

Luke’s incredible physique was built through high intensity, low volume training, drawing inspiration from the likes of Dorian, and building close working relationships with James Hollingshead and Flex Lewis, amongst many other pros that evolved into the best of friendships.

His training intensity was incredible, which really showed on stage. He built an incredible thickness and density in his structure that can only be built through heavy loads. Just a quick trawl of his instagram here will show you dozens of clips of 5 plate bent over rows, chained 4 plate pause squats for 12, presses with load that would crumble very strong guys. Luke was perhaps one of the strongest and hardest working pros on the scene.

However Luke was not just a bodybuilder, he was by all accounts a wonderful human and a loving devoted father. Those that knew him best speak of him so kindly, and that says volumes about his character. 

Having been on the receiving end of some guidance from him myself when he was under absolutely no obligation to do so, I understand just how well thought of he is within the industry. 

We will not speak of the circumstances of his death and ask the you give his family and friends the space and privacy they deserve at this awful time. 

The Luke Sandoe Tribute Fund

This is an extract from Fouad Abiad, the organiser of the Luke Sandoe tribute fund;

“This gofundme is set up in memory of Luke Sandoe for his children.  Luke was a great father, a great person and great bodybuilder who inspired many people to change their lives.

Please try to contribute even if its just $5 to this gofundme in

appreciation for Luke and all that he has done for our sport.  100% of

the funds will be deposited directly to the family and will not be used 

for anything but his families needs.

Thank you all for showing your love and support, we all will miss and 

remember Luke for the amazing person he was.

Thank you,

The Hardcore Team”

Please support Luke and his family in any way you can, he will be missed incredibly, but we must now wrap our arms around those that are left behind. 

You can donate to the fund here;

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