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Informative Content

Where it all started, a thirst for knowledge and physique development. We share our acquired knowledge with you in an easy to digest format so that you can learn and progress your understanding of the sport we love.

Online Coaching

For those that want to take the knowledge a step further. We provide an online coaching platform to deliver personalised programmes to suit your needs and put our knowledge into practice to help you achieve your training goals.

Bringing You The Products You Need

We don't just write about bodybuilding, we live it. The products you're looking for, we probably use them, and it's hard to cut through the noise and find the right products for you. So we're going to try to bring them to you all in one place!

What Is EatSleepGym

EatSleepGym is our passion for bodybuilding and weight training and the lifestyle it creates. It’s about creating a place to share knowledge and information, both for us to improve and reach our goals but increasingly to help you to do the same. It started out as a little content writing and is continuing to develop across platforms, product sets and helping more individuals to reach their goals over time. Where will we go with it? Who knows, but we’ll see how it goes…..

How And Why It All Began

EatSleepGym is run by Jordan Mason. I’m a British bodybuilding and powerlifting enthusiast with a passion for the practical application of science based methodology. This channel is dedicated to providing clear, concise and science backed training and nutrition information as well as providing a journal for my own fitness journey.


Aside from fitness, I work in Marketing, I’m a parent to a wonderful little girl and Partner to the most incredible lady. I will look to occasionally provide a little insight into my life outside of the gym, as well as inside of it, if you guys are interested in that too!


I’ve been training for 8 years, and qualified as a personal trainer for 7 years. I hope you’ll enjoy the content we publish!