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Hybrid athlete

What is a hybrid athlete?

What is a Hybrid Athlete You may have seen a change in the style and type of content that is being shared over platforms like

Beef Protein

What is Beef Protein?

What is Beef Protein? Beef protein (in this case we’re talking about beef protein powder) is a supplement used to well, supplement additional protein into


Calum Von Moger and Tears For The Brotherhood

On the afternoon of May 6, 31-year-old Australian bodybuilder and actor Calum Von Moger, most noted for playing Arnold Schwarzenegger in the movie Bigger, jumped through a second-story window in a failed suicide attempt. The resulting injury to his spine required surgery, as well as several days in a medically induced coma to stabilize the repair. Although he is currently out of the hospital and recuperating, this was but the latest in a string of recent personal tragedies that have haunted one of bodybuilding’s brightest stars. Calum Von Moger / Instagram / @calumvonmoger I’ll admit I do not know Calum...

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PCA Bodybuilding

PCA bodybuilding or the Physical Culture Association is a bodybuilding federation in the UK. The PCA is branded as the bodybuilding federation that is in

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Dry scooping pre workout

Dry Scooping Pre Workout

There is an emerging trend amongst gym goers on social media (namely Tiktok) at present where people are dry scooping pre workout powders. This latest

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Dare Motivation Stack

Dare Motivation Review

Dare Motivation In this article, we’re going to be reviewing the 3 different flavours of Dare Motivation shakes and providing you with our thoughts and


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Jordan Mason


Jordan is the founder and owner of EatSleepGym. He's been training for over 10 years and has an extensive wealth of experience of all things weight training, bodybuilding, supplementation and PED related.



The world of fitness and bodybuilding can be muddled at best. Here at EatSleepGym we’re on a quest to deliver great content about fitness, and to make that as accessible as possible . Our aims are quite simple: