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Introducing BRomsgrove's Newest GYM

We are planning to build the finest gym in the country, right here in Bromsgrove. 

At EatSleepGym we are aiming to bridge the gap between the facility quality of a commercial gym chain and the equipment standard of a specialist gym. 

This gym will be unlike any other you’ve ever step foot in. With a focus on quality above all else, it will set the standard for what it means to train in a gym.

We’re going to bring you:

  1. The highest quality equipment, cherry picked from the world’s leading brands
  2. An interior that dreams are made of, with an unmatched standard of facility
  3. Carefully selected trainers, each providing an unmatched client experience
  4. Dedicated nutritionists to help you with the part of fitness you struggle with most, diet.
  5. Great changing facilities, where you can finish your workout and not feel gross about jumping in the showers
  6. Well spaced training environment, the gym will never feel too busy

And oh so much more…..

We know exactly what we want as trainees, and we’re going to deliver that gym for you. 

Why Should You Train With Us?

High Quality
Brand New Equipment

We're selecting our kit list from the best products, at the best manufacturers worldwide. It'll all be brand spanking new and give you the best workouts of your life

State Of the Art Facility

Our facility is going to be a game changer for the fitness industry. Imagine a bodybuilding gym's kit standard with the cleanliness of an upmarket commercial gym. With great lighting, excellent changing facilties and more

Diet and nutrition made simple

Where most trainees fall down is on diet. In terms of both structure and adherence. We're going to be offering a full subscription based meal prep solution that you can pick up in the gym (or eat in) and tailored exactly to your macros and your goals.

Hand selected coaches

We're going to be hand selecting coaches that have real world experience of helping clients to generate exceptional results. No rep counting PTs here. Just the best the market has to offer (and best of all for the PTs, we won't be charging them rent).

Find Equipment From The Best Brands In The World

Alongside hosting cherry picked equipment from the best brands in the world like Panatta, Cybex, Life Fitness, Prime, Nautilus, Watson and Atlantis. We’re going to be stocking EVERY SINGLE ATTACHMENT you could ever need. 

You won’t need to lug around your own daisy chains and bands, you won’t need your own Gym Pin or special bars or handles. We’ll have them all here, for you to use. For FREE as part of your membership.

Oh and if there’s something you’d like, that we don’t have, just let us know. If demand is there (and it makes training better for all), we’ll buy it!

Join Bromsgrove's Newest Gym

As we eagerly prepare to open our doors to the fitness community in Bromsgrove, we’re thrilled to offer exclusive membership packages. Don’t miss the chance to be among the founding members of EatSleepGym and benefit from limited-time offers, complimentary training sessions, and exciting perks.