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Dare Motivation Stack

Dare Motivation

In this article, we’re going to be reviewing the 3 different flavours of Dare Motivation shakes and providing you with our thoughts and feedback on their products as part of a supplement stack.

But who are Dare?

Well, Dare are an emerging brand with a focus on high quality complete nutrition products, but outside of that, a lifestyle brand encapsulating all things health and fitness. They’re a family owned business, led by an A&E Doctor and a Financier, whom have a passion for motivating others to live their best lives. 

Now onto the review, Dare have kindly sent us all 3 flavours of their Motivation Shakes, along with their Dare Motivation Shaker Bottle and a Dare T-Shirt, so we’re going to review them all! 

Let’s start with the motivational shakes…..

Taste Test 

Cocoa & Jaffa Orange

Now whilst I’m not the biggest fan of orange chocolate flavours (orange smarties being the exception, sorry Dawn French), this tasted great, subtle tones and more chocolate than orange was much more likened to my preference here.

Cocoa & Peanut Butter

Again, I’m not a fan of peanut butter and didn’t actually try this one myself because of that, but my other half did, and she loved it. She’s now using this regularly as part of her diet.

Cocoa Vanilla Frosting

The best of the bunch, went down an absolute treat and i’d definitely recommend this one from my personal preference. Maybe that’s just my sweet tooth and love of icing, but still, it was great.

Dare Motivation Shakes


I take my shakes with semi skimmed milk, I always use a blender, so for me with 250ml of milk, it blended perfectly, I even added in oats for higher carb content and that didn’t deter from the smoothness.

Most shakes come undone with clumps in the mixer if using a basic mixer, but the powder is light, so it shouldn’t be problematic at all, and if you use a proper shaker bottle with a mixer contained within it, even less so. 

Ingredient Profile

The protein content of this is fairly standard for a shake with 20g of protein, carb content is low and from low GI carb sources offering a slower release and less insulin pressure. Fibre content is high which is great for those lacking some dietary fibre and fat content is fairly low too, which is ideal if you mix with milk as I do.

In terms of vitamin content, this is where it comes into its own. Basically a full multivitamin RDA mix within a shake in one serving AND omega 3s.

The bioactive compounds and “superfood” elements, I can’t really comment on as I’m not well versed enough in their research to tell you what they do or don’t do or value they add, but overall, it’s a good ingredient mix, good macro profile and getting more micros in is never a bad thing at all!

Now onto the shaker…

Dare Shaker BottleDare Shaker Bottle

I’ve used it for my intra workout as opposed to with the shakes themselves, it mixes my carb powder well and doesn’t leak which is basically all I’m looking for with a shaker these days as the vast majority leak.

Volume wise, it’s not the largest, with a 700ml volume, but more than sufficient for a 1 hour session, just probably not for a 3 hour slog.

Dare Iconic T-Shirt

The T-shirt is well produced, it doesn’t feel cheap and is a normal cotton t-shirt, Dare sent us a Large, which for me, came up a little too small and in most things I wear a Large. I’d say size up and you’ll be good to go. Fit wise, absolutely fine, a little small on my arms personally, but that’s again me having larger arms than most.

Our Review Of Dare

Dare have been great to work with for this piece, products shipped and arrived instantaneously, their service has been phenomenal, cost wise, their products are at a fair market value and we can’t knock the products whatsoever, so would definitely recommend them to you, if you’re looking for a good shake, with multivitamin and omega contained within it, then you don’t really need to look elsewhere!

Here’s the link to find their site and check out their stuff;

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