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Dry scooping pre workout

There is an emerging trend amongst gym goers on social media (namely Tiktok) at present where people are dry scooping pre workout powders.

This latest trend, called dry scooping, is essentially, where a scoop of powder is consumed without being dissolved in liquid, i.e. the scoop straight into your mouth.

In this article, we aim to discuss why it is trending, but also what impact it has and the side effects of pre workout supplements consumed in this way.  

Why are people dry scooping pre workout?

Well, other than views for social media, (which is the main reason, lets not get it twisted), there aren’t really any benefits to doing so. 

Many claim the speed of getting the powder into your system is faster when dry scooping, however, this isn’t a good reason for doing so, as you want to control timing of release of the amount of caffeine in your system (most pre workouts are made from caffeine) and this just doesn’t make sense. 

Most of the effect of pre workout is a placebo, your heart rate increases along with blood pressure as a result of multiple doses of caffeine in one hit, giving you the feeling of more energy, but in reality, they are the LEAST needed supplement of all. I don’t actually use them at all personally, as someone that trains early in the morning too.

So, if you are dry scooping, you’re doing so just for views and clickbait like this;

Why you shouldn’t dry scoop pre workout

There’s a few medical reasons immediately as to why you shouldn’t dry scoop pre workout, these effects include;

  • Risk of choking or inhaling pre workout – this can cause a condition called aspiration pneumonia and is why pre workout powders typically say to dilute in water
  • Then there are the other side effects of over consumption of caffeine which include;
    • Blood pressure increase
    • Heart rate increase
    • Changes to heart rhythm
    • And even heart attacks and strokes…

In the end, it just isn’t worth it. If you’re going to take pre workouts, consume as per the recommended instructions, a few views aren’t worth negative health impacts and you just look like a bit of a tool. 

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