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How To Optimise Your Football Fitness

If you want to put together your workout program to become a better footballer, there are several factors that you should incorporate. Speed, stamina, power and core stability are all equally important if you want to outrun everyone on the field. Learn more about how to optimise your football fitness here. 

Training to become a great footballer is no small feat. You need to be training your entire body with the right type of fitness drills. A great football fitness is a combination of many things. At the same time, becoming great at football is not just about fitness. It’s also about strategy and experience. 

This is why football betting has reached such popularity. It’s exciting because it combines physical performance with a mental game and a series of unknowns. 

The continued rise in popularity has led to a wide amount of football betting options, especially for the big tournaments like the Champion’s League where you can find great champion league odds. When you want not only to watch and bet on football, but play it yourself, there are some things you should focus on in your training.

Work on your stamina

Stamina is the absolute key if you want to be a great football player. As a professional footballer, you’ll run around 10km in an average 90-minute game, so you need to be able to go the distance physically and mentally. 

So, a huge part of your training passes should consist of running. Whether you want to run on a treadmill or outdoors is irrelevant, as long as you run longer distances on a regular basis. An effective way to improve your cardio is by practising interval training.

Train sprint speed

Working on your sprint speed should be another priority in your workout sessions. You need to build up strength in your quadriceps and hamstrings to be able to keep an impressive speed on the field. Incorporate sled pulls and bungees into your workout to optimise your sprint speed.  

Explosive power

If you want to separate yourself from the rest, working on your explosive power is a must. You want to be able to reach high speeds fast and leave your opponents far behind. There are several ways to train your explosive power. You can incorporate burpees, jump squats, box jumps and squat thrusts into your routine. When doing this for a while, you’ll be able to notice quite the difference. 

Prioritise core stability

Core stability is essential to be able to master both speed and balance. The important thing when building up solid core strength and stability is to combine a broad variety of exercises. It’s not enough to do a bunch of situps every day. 

You should prioritise lots of plank jacks, single-leg deadlifts, squatting and a variety of similar exercises to challenge and improve your core. As you’re building up your core strength, you’ll notice how much it will improve your game in all numbers of ways. It is like the basis of your abilities allowing you to move in a flexible, powerful way on the field. 

Make sure you recover

One of the most common mistakes that people make when they want to get into shape is not prioritising breaks. Restitution is absolutely essential if you want your workout to pay off. 

Recovery needs to be a central part of your training program. This is why your body actually builds muscle. Focus on helping your body regenerate when resting. A very effective way to do this is by using a foam roller to prevent muscular soreness.

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