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Sam Sulek

Who is Sam Sulek?

Sam Sulek is a 21 year old American bodybuilder whom is currently taking social media (and YouTube) by storm. In a short period he has amassed a following approaching half a million YouTube subscribers, over half a million followers on TikTok and almost the same number on Instagram. You can find him here;

Sam posts almost daily YouTube uploads of content around his training sessions without excessive editing and comes across as extremely genuine. Sam has clearly built an incredible amount of tissue on his frame in a short period of time and is increasingly the speculation of steroid cycle related videos.

Sam’s content is primarily based around training intensity and chasing the “pump”, it’s clear he has an extreme passion for bodybuilding.

How tall is Sam Sulek?

Well, Sam himself has never actually said his height, but the internet of things puts him in the region of 5″8 – 5″11 with a ton of speculation. It’s actually the most searched for item about Sam.

What is the controversy around Sam Sulek?

I would say arguably less controversy and more so cause for concern is alleged significant steroid abuse. We’re not here to speculate on Sam’s steroid use, nor is it anyone’s concern other than his own. He doesn’t claim natty, but doesn’t really talk about it either.

Sam does have a significant amount of rapidly accumulated muscle tissue and many tell tale signs of steroid use in high doses. That is absolutely his choice. The likes of chest acne are prevalent and we all obviously know the stigma around abuse of steroids. Let’s just hope he’s being cautious, has frequent blood work done and has good people around him.

What we will say is however is that Sam is likely using very high doses and experimenting with substances. What is more cause for concern is the age at which he is doing so, being the size he is at 21, no one wants another Dallas situation.

What is Sam Sulek's Training Style?

Sam follows a more or less “bro” split of Chest, Back, Arms, Legs and works in shoulders on a 4 day rotation. Sam generally only takes rest days when he feels genuinely fatigues and works through 11 working sets per muscle group as he says he thinks that’s a “cool number”.

Safe to say, as a trainee, Sam is more aligned with heavy loads and pump than aligned with science backed training methodologies, but it works for him and that’s what counts. As we all know the most important thing with any split is adherence, after that you can start looking at things like intensity, volume, frequency and exercise selection as factors for growth.

Sam does regularly comment on the prevalence of upper chest movements as a staple for him, his view (mine included) is you can never have too much upper chest, so prioritises incline pressing movements in his chest training. 

Shuld you follow Sam Sulek?

Sam, by all measures seems like a genuine guy, clearly very passionated and enjoys training. Whether he’s the best to take knowledge from, probably not, but if you like his content, then by all means and for sure you can use him for gym motivation.

All in all though, I wish Sam all the best on his journey, he’s built a great platform and I hope he has a great career with longevity and makes a lot of money in the process. Best of luck kid. 

Sam Sulek

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