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TrainedByJP - Jordan Peters

TrainedByJP is the brand of Jordan Peters & Corinne Ingram. What started out as Jordan training clients using his extensive academia has now become a members site with well over 5000 members with 20+ athlete contributors including several IFBB pro bodybuilders, a nutrition company and clothing line. This all alongside a completely stacked coaching lineup for both Jordan and Corinne. 

Jordan is widely regarded as one of the most easy to understand but also most knowledgeable fitness professionals, not only in the UK but globally. Jordan’s training style is all about progressive overload through a low volume but high frequency approach, with a key focus on getting extremely strong at very hard things. 

You’ll find Jordan on his instagram pulling loads most mortals can’t even fathom and doing so with incredible execution. Jordan himself as an athlete has packed an insane amount of muscle onto his frame and done so by pushing himself through high intensity training at extreme loads but also the practice of getting the most out of the least when it comes to drug protocols and being able to then progress drugs to continue generating returns. Jordan openly discusses steroid use in bodybuilding, (they’re legal to use here in the UK), and provides guidance to be honest mainly against use, but on how to do it properly, if you are going to do so. 

This one post really can’t do Jordan, Corinne and their athletes justice, so we highly recommend that you take them up on their free trial of their members site, you’ll really learn something! The link to that can be found here.

As a result of the quality of his content, Jordan has been able to amass a following of well over 100k across social media channels, picking up numerous sponsorship agreements before turning his attention to his own brand and monetising. Jordan & co are really well worth following and are in my top 5 resources for bodybuilding knowledge.

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