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Unveiling The EMS Training: How Electrical Muscle Stimulation Improves Your Body

The constant human desire for perfection leads to the improvement of techniques and fitness equipment. And EMS, or Electrical Muscle Stimulation training is an innovative and interesting condensed workout method. It can advance any workout and optimize training results by combining the evolving fitness sphere with EMS technology. Amazing high-tech EMS training lets you burn calories faster and saves you time. 

Just one 20-minute workout per week is enough to gain strength, shape your body, and tone muscle and you can have more time for your family, hobbies, or playing online at the playamo casino. Just visit this author page about gambling to know more about it. And if you want to balance exercise and daily routine, EMS training is the perfect fitness program for you. Want to know more about how this amazing training works? In this article, we’ll get you covered. 

How Does EMS Training Work?

Electrical Muscle Stimulation training method is based on the use of low-frequency electric current. These electronic impulses aren’t painful and stimulate the major muscle groups in our body.  These are triggered in the central nervous system, and spinal cord and are transmitted to the muscles via nerve fibers. In their physical and natural nature, endogenous stimuli are similar to the electronic impulses of EMS machines. The natural process in the body is amplified by the external stimulus. 

The effect of electrical impulses on our body was first discovered in the 1760s by the physicist Luigi Galvani. However, it was a scientific discovery that didn’t have anything in common with neurology. In the 1830s the neurologist Duchenne de Boulogne from France first used the electrical muscle stimulation in the therapy. In the 20th century, the use of electrical stimulation in treatment and therapy gained popularity. In 1974 the neurosurgeon Clyde Norman Shealy from the USA was the first who made an EMS device. Athletes even used the new technology during the 1976 Olympic Games. In the mid-2000s EMS became a top-notch training method that has revolutionised the world of fitness. 

To do the EMS training you’ll need a wearable EMS training suit with electrodes and a special EMS machine. By wearing an EMS suit you attach the electrodes to the skin’s surface where the major muscle groups (abdominals, biceps) are located. Then the machine sends electrical impulses via the electrodes just like our central nervous system makes the muscle fibers contract. The muscles contract up to 30-40 times per second which is more quick than a normal muscle contraction. Activation and faster contraction of specific muscles leads to body-toning results in significantly less time. A standard 20-minute EMS session typically includes some dynamic and functional fitness exercises but they can vary. It is a workout that requires you to perform exercises under the guidance of a professional fitness trainer.

Benefits Of EMS Training

EMS training is effective for developing strength and endurance. It also improves metabolism and increases muscle mass growth. Electrical Muscle Stimulation is a very effective training method for weight loss and treatment of certain musculoskeletal and back diseases. More and more doctors claim that EMS exercises are safe due to the reduced load on the spine and joints. So why not embark on an EMS journey then? 

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